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Writing Curriculum

Writing Resources

Empowering Writers-Our staff in grades K-8 have been trained in the Empowering Writers model.  According to Empowering Writers, “There is a growing awareness of the link between good writing skills and higher levels of reading comprehension and literacy as a whole.  For the past 20 years, Empowering Writers has provided instructional tools to teachers, schools and districts to help develop and refine writing proficiency in students of all ages, the key to improved reading and comprehension.  Our results speak for themselves: After implementing Empowering Writers methodologies, some schools have improved writing and reading assessment as much as 25% in a single academic year.”

Aspire Writing-  There are 3 important points to help you improve your students’ writing skills, increase your students’ writing scores, and minimize your planning time.

First, ASPIRE focuses on three types of writing:  Reflective/Narrative, Analytical/Expository, and Persuasive/Argumentative.

Second, ASPIRE assesses specific types of writing at different grade level---

3rd Grade-Reflective/Narrative

4th Grade-Analytical/Expository

5th Grade-Persuasive/Argumentative

6th Grade-Reflective/Narrative

7th Grade-Analytical/Expository

8th Grade-Persuasive/Argumentative

9th and 10th Grade-Analytical/Expository

Third, ASPIRE provides a Writing Exemplars Guide  for every grade level.  This document also includes Scoring Rubrics and Sample Tests.  It also describes the different types of writing and the specific things students must do for each to receive maximum credit.

ADE Writing ResourceADE Writing Resource - In March of 2017, the ADE released a new Writing LiveBinder created by literacy specialists from across the state. In addition to Ideas, Organization, Language Usage, and Writer's Workshop Procedures, it also includes Lesson Plans designed to help students develop specific skills.