State Testing

State Testing

Arkansas replaced the PARCC assessment during the 2015-2016 school year with the ACT Test (11th grade), and the ACT Aspire (3rd-10th grades).  

ACT Aspire is an assessment system that measures academic achievement in English, math, reading, science, and writing in grades 3 through 10. ACT Aspire is linked to the ACT College and Career Readiness Standards, research-based information that makes test results meaningful by connecting a student’s ACT Aspire score to specific skills and knowledge important for college and work success. Your child’s teacher can use this information to address areas for improvement, build on strengths, and most importantly—impact your child’s potential. 

ASPIRE Summative Assessments are given near the end of the school year, usually around end of April and May to all 3rd-10th graders.  The content areas tested include English Language Arts (reading and writing), math and science.  

The Arkansas Department of Education has created ACT Aspire resources to help parents and students better comprehend the testing program.  These parent/student resources can be found here.  Educator resources can be found following this link.

Teacher Toolbox

The ACT Aspire assessment program has several useful tools to help educators plan implement instruction.  They include exemplars, rubrics,  and performance level descriptors.

Exemplars (all subjects, all grade levels) can be found here.

Rubrics for Writing can be found here.

Performance Level Descriptors outline the knowledge and skills that a child should be able to demonstrate at each grade level in each content area.  These descriptors can be found by clicking here.


District Testing Calendar 2017-2018

Interim #1  (English, reading, math, science) Testing window for grades 3-10 will be October 30th-November 3rd.

Interim #2  Testing window for grades 3-10 will be January 15th-January 19th.

Interim #3 Testing window for grades 3-6 will be March 12th-16th.

Interim #3 Testing window for grades 7-10 will be March 12th-13th.

The summative ACT Aspire test for grades 3-6 will be April 23rd-April 27th.

The summative ACT Aspire test for 7th-10th grade will be April 23rd-April 24th.

The ACT for 11th graders will be given February 27th.

K-2 Testing Window

Renaissance/STAR Fall assessment October 2nd-October 13th.

Renaissance/STAR Winter assessment January 22nd-February 2nd.

Renaissance/STAR Spring assessment April 16th-April 27th.